hey :) 

welcome to my site!

i hope you find what you're looking for..

or uh something you weren't looking for

keep clicking' around to find yummy vegan recipes, style tips, eco friendly home swaps and honestly SO MUCH MORE

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what's hungry4style anyway?

it all started back in 2014 when I made my instagram account and was thinking.. what in the hell do I name this?


I thought long and hard about what I like and it really came down to two main things..

food and style so I think you can figure out the rest

fast forward

my 'brand' shall we say has evolved quite a lot since then ...

my love for food turned into a passion for veganism 

my style has changed SO MUCH

(i mean this is a good thing lol)

along with veganism.. i became more aware of my environmental impact

and I'd like to think i have a good head on my shoulders and can offer some life advice to y'all

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