"But what about cheese?" ... that's what they all say; they as in the people who think eating vegan is literally the hardest thing in the entire world. I mean it's not easy but it can be done if YOU are wanting to make the change. Right now, in today's world, it is probably the easiest time to starting switching to a vegan lifestyle. Almost every single restaurant has a vegan option, so many yummy vegan alternatives at the grocery store and thousands of easy recipes to guide you into learning to cook vegan at home. I'm sure I haven't convinced you yet but whether you're just wanting to eat a little less animals or you want to make the full switch, keep reading for my outlook on how to start living a vegan lifestyle. It will be very non-specific as I will write more posts on what to eat, good vegan alternatives and recipes.

1. Ask yourself why you want to do this... it's super important to understand why you're wanting to make the switch as this will be the make or break it (health, environment, animals, etc). Think about a time when you started a new diet and you didn't stick to it, was your goal just to lose a few pounds to look good in a bathing suit or to fit into that dress you bought in a size too small? Short term goals and reasoning is why things don't work and means it wasn't something that you truly wanted to do. Let's be real, dieting sucks and makes us feel worse about ourselves than we did before the diet which is why we say F IT and go to the McDonald's drive thru asap.

2. Learn that you will receive a ton of judgement and a lot of people will not support your decisions. And to that you will say "BYEEEE". Not everyone has to like what you're doing but you need to have a good support system around you that does not judge you for eating tofu, like c'mon now. Not everyone is going to understand it and that's okay, you are doing this for you and no one else so their opinions mean shit to you. You got this.

3. Do your research. There are so many little things to think about when becoming vegan and it takes a lot of time to learn them all, through trial and error. You may need to learn about what supplements to take or what plant foods have the most protein if you're used to eating animal protein 3x a day. Watch some documentaries on Netflix, watch some vegan lifestyle you tubers and follow some good IG accounts that promote a vegan lifestyle (ones you can relate too).

4. Find what foods you like to eat on a weekly basis and start by eating the vegan version. Exhibit A: if you eat toast with butter and jam every single morning, find some vegan bread, buy vegan margarine and just double check your jam is already vegan and wow look at that, a vegan breakfast that is something really familiar to you.

5. Don't be hard on yourself. You will mess up and accidentally eat something non vegan, and its okay, I've done it before, learned from it and moved on. It's not the end of the world so don't feel guilty. No one is perfect.

Has your mind changed a little bit? Does becoming vegan seem a little less intimidating? I promise you it's not just eating bananas and beans. Trust, I will share the best vegan junk food and fast food so don't think your life of eating tasty food is over.