I honestly have this dinner at least once a week, if not multiple times and even for lunch. No shame in my game. It's just so easy to make and satisfies so many cravings. One.. a craving for some lettuce. Two... a craving for a big mac. That is all.

I haven't ate a big mac in long time, i've had vegan versions and really the best part is the mac sauce. It's so good and once i realized how easy it was to make, my life was changed forever.

Follow the recipe card below and dive into some yummy goodness. Please adjust any measurements to your taste because i don't really use actual measurements, i just pour in and hope for the best so taste along the way. Don't forget to share your creation on socials and tag me.. @hungry4style_ on Instagram.

Recipe card to make a big mac burger bowl. Vegan big mac sauce. Vegan burger salad.
Big Mac Burger Bowl Recipe