Here is my master list of food items that I think you should always try and have stocked in your fridge and freezer to make eating vegan super easy. Now I'm not saying I always have this stuff because you know, life happens and sometimes you find your fridge empty af. Typically I just find these things helpful to have for quick meals or to make yummy dressings when you're just missing one that thing to complete a meal.



-vegan mayo


-soy sauce/liquid aminos/tamari

-dijon/yellow mustard


-some sort of nut butter

-vegan butter


-non dairy milk (my fav is oat or cashew)

-hot sauce (i use franks red hot original)

-maple syrup


-block of extra firm tofu


-apples or your fav fruit

-some sort of greens (iceberg lettuce/spinach/spring mix)


-mixed veggies or just your fav (mine is always broccoli and cauliflower)

-fruit (i usually have blueberries and strawberries)

-random leftovers of something you meal prepped weeks ago hahahaha

(currently mine is a container of chili i swore to myself if i froze it i would eat it)

-chicken strips/nuggies (this is a necessity for lazy days) (Gardien/Yves are the best ones)

-ice lol (i mean gotta have it for smoothies and iced coffee but this is also a joke)

It's a super simple and short list but honestly these items make cooking easier and I know I have the basics that I need to make a yummy meal (also see my vegan pantry list). If I am feeling super lazy and don't want to cook anything really, I know that I can at least make one meal with any combination of things on this list... for example bread + jam = sandwich or frozen fruit + oat milk + ice = smoothie.


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