Meal kits services are so popular right now and I understand why, laziness and being busy. Sometimes there is just no time to run to the grocery store to buy a bunch of food to make dinners or there is zero motivation to cook. I sometimes get stuck in ruts where i'm not really craving any of my go-to recipes and can't be bothered to look on Pinterest for some new ideas. This is when meal kits come in handy, having ingredients delivered right to my door (or pick up to save on delivery ;)

I ran into one problem - many of the popular services never had a good vegan option. There were vegetarian options but there is no point in paying money for ingredients that you'd have to throw away, and that is also very wasteful! We are not trying to live that lifestyle. I had heard of one in Toronto offering plant based meal kits and I was intrigued but months went by and I never bothered to look into it more. I thought it was subscription based and I was not ready to commit to that lol. This past September I got a giftcard to try them out and I've been hooked!

Sorry I've Got Plants (also can we talk about that name... genius) is a vegan meal delivery service in Toronto. It is not subscription based, you can literally just order whenever you feel like it. Of course, you just have to order by the cut off date for the days when you want your kits delivered, so easy! Personally, I just pick up as it gives me a reason to get some fresh air amongst this quarantine. Some other great things about this service is that they are limiting their waste so any containers can be brought back to re-use and the instructions are online, accessible through the QR code on the bag (saving paper yay).

So let's get into it!!

This week I got the Bean + Queso Quesadillas and the Herb + Chorizo Orzo. I'll be sharing the Quesadillas with you today :) I was super excited to make this as who doesn't love nice crispy quesadillas and some cheesy queso. I just open up the directions on my laptop so it's easy to see while cooking. I poured myself some kombucha in a wine glass and got cookin'.

All vegetables/fruits will come whole so you have to prep them yourself, this is good so it feels like you really came up with it! Haha. These meal kits area also great if you're wanting to learn to cook more as you can try new things and see what flavours mix well.

Assembling the quesadillas was super easy, the queso was SO creamy and honestly it tasted just like the 'regular' stuff.

The smell coming from the oven, omg, I already knew these were going to be good but that smell... wow.

The crisp on these was immaculate.. and some oozing of the bean mix/queso was happening so that's how I knew it was going to be so good and melty inside.

I ended up topping each piece with guac and it was 👩‍🍳 's kiss! This recipe was so easy to make and took around 30 minutes total. The serving size is enough for two people, or if you're like me and can eat a lot then you can eat it all in one meal :)