Okay so I think you filled your fridge and freezer with the items on my list but now it's time for the good stuff, your pantry. This is where the good stuff is found, the seasonings and the most important things and what you'll need on pretty much an every day basis. I'll break it down as far as a I can so you can pin point things you might already have or things you might need to add to your next grocery list.


-nutrional yeast

-garlic/onion/cinnamon/cumin/curry/paprika/parsley/chili flakes/everything bagel

-hemp/chia seeds (can keep this in the fridge as well)

-apple cider vinegar

-any oil but perhaps not the spray oil or canola/vegetalbe oil (research yourself here)

-ground flax (good for egg substitute or if ya need some good fibre in your food)

-cocoa/cocao powder

-some sort of flour

-corn starch (good to have on hand for thickening stuff)